97 years and 4 months: Ruy de Carvalho is the oldest actor in the world on stage

Theater and exhibitions With a career spanning eight decades, he continues to work. He took to the stage for the 100th time this weekend.

He has already won several awards.

Marta Garcia

“I’ll only stop when I die.” At 97 years and four months, Ruy de Carvalho is currently the oldest actor in the world on stage. This weekend, he took to the stage for the hundredth time in the play “Ruy, a História Devida”, where he shares some of his stories and adventures — as we’ve already told you in this article. article.

For about an hour, the actor recalled some of the most memorable episodes of his professional career. The session was celebrated with the audience and included a question and answer session, followed by another tribute to the artist.

Ruy de Carvalho’s career began around 1940, and he quickly became an important figure in Portuguese culture. With a career spanning eight decades, he has participated in countless plays, films and series. In other words, most of his life has been spent on stage or in front of the camera.

He made his professional debut in 1947, at the Teatro Nacional, in the comedy “Rapazes de Hoje”, by Roger Ferdinand. Years later, in 1950, he became known for his interpretation of Eric Birling in “Está lá Fora um Inspector”. That same year, he joined the Teatro do Povo (later Teatro Nacional Popular), where he performed in all the summer seasons, under the direction of Ribeirinho. In 1954, he participated in the revue “E o Fado Caiu no Samba”, at the Teatro Monumental. In 1963, he went to Porto and took on the artistic direction of the Teatro Experimental do Porto (TEP), where he had his only experience as a director, in “Terra Firme”, by Miguel Torga. He appeared in cinema for the first time in 1951, with “Eram 200 Irmãos”, by Armando Vieira Pinto.

Throughout his career, Ruy de Carvalho was awarded several prizes, including the Press Awards for Theatre (1962, 1981, 1982 and 1986), the Press Awards for Cinema (1965, 1966 and 1971), the Critics’ Awards (1961, 1962, 1964, 1965 and 1981), the Golden Globe Personality of the Year (1998), and the Golden Globe for Best Actor (1999). In 1990, he received the Medal of Cultural Merit, awarded by the Secretary of State for Culture, a Career Award in 1998 and in 2012, when he completed 70 years of his career, he was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator. In 2017, he was awarded the Sophia Award for Merit and Excellence.

The play “Ruy, a História Devida”, told by himself and Luís Pacheco, directed by Paulo Costa, is on stage until the 21st of this month, at the Malaposta Cultural Center. Tickets can be purchased online and cost between €20 and €25.