Cesar Mourão, Gustavo Miranda and Carlos Cunha now serve “Tragedy a La Carte”

Theater and exhibitions The show pays tribute to one of the founders of the improvisation group, Ricardo Peres. Tickets are now available.

Arrives in Lisbon in September.

Marta Garcia

Ricardo Peres, one of the founding members of Commedia à La Carte, along with César Mourão and Carlos Cunha, died on April 20. The 49-year-old actor was battling lung and bone cancer, which had been diagnosed two months earlier and had already claimed the lives of his father and sister. A month later, the improv collective announced that they were preparing a new show in tribute to Peres.

“In the year that one of the group’s founders died, we could never have given him a comedy”, said Cesar Mourão in his page from Instagram. The presentation, entitled “Tragédia a la Carte”, will feature the participation of Gustavo Miranda, César Mourão and Carlos M. Cunha and will be on stage from September 5 to 29 at Teatro Tivoli BBVA, in Lisbon.

For 90 minutes, the comedy will be completely improvised between the three. The play emphasizes that comedy must be accompanied by misfortune. The production features the participation of musicians Guilherme Marinho, Jaime Pedras and Nuno Oliveira. The show combines improvisation and interactivity with the audience, exploring a variety of styles, from physical humor to social and political satire.

After the season at the Tivoli BBVA Theater, in the capital, the play will be on the road until January 2025, visiting several venues around the country. Performances have already been confirmed in Porto (Sá da Bandeira Theater from October 3 to 27, 2024), Madeira (Congress Center, November 1 to 2), the Azores (Micaelense Theater, November 15) and Leiria (José Lúcio da Silva Theater from January 23 to 25, 2025).

Tickets are now available at site from FNAC and usual locations, with prices between €15 and €26.