Cinema Paraíso: free outdoor sessions are back in Famalicão

Cinema Paraíso: free outdoor sessions are back in Famalicão From animated films to 1950s classics, the program includes options for all tastes and ages.

“You “Excluded”portrays a grumpy teacher, Paul Hunham (Paul Giamatti), forced to stay at the prep school where he works during the Christmas holidays. All because a troubled student has nowhere to go. The comedy-drama, set in the 1970s, centers on an unlikely friendship between the teacher, Angus (Dominic Sessa), and the school’s cook, Mary Lamb, whose son died in Vietnam.

Alexander’s production Payne is just one of the films you can watch at the 25th edition of Cinema Paraíso, an open-air initiative in Vila Nova de Famalicão. From July 3rd to August 21st, with family or friends, it will be an ideal plan to become a fan of new productions. Entry is free and screenings will take place at Parque da Devesa and in two parishes, starting at 10 pm.

“The choices seek to reach and engage with different audiences, with diverse proposals of popular cinema from different origins and genres, mostly current productions, but without forgetting the history of cinema”, reveals the organization.

The program starts on July 3rd, at Parque da Devesa, with the Oscar candidate for Best International Film “Perfect Days“. Written by Wim Wenders, it tells the story of a cleaning man, Hirayama, who cleans toilets in Tokyo. He leaves the house with a smile on his face, drinks a coffee and listens to the cassettes he has in the van, of artists like Lou Reed.

The animated feature film “Ducks!” (2023) with a trip to Jamaica that ends, after all, in New York, is one of the proposals designed for the youngest.

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005), starring Timothée Chalamet, will introduce you to a poor kid who visits the backstage of chocolate production with his grandfather. The plot is based on values ​​such as humility and generosity.

“Miracle in Milan” (1951), by Vittorio De Sica, tells the story of an orphan. The character uses a magic dove to perform miracles and fight against social injustice. The “Boy and the Heron” (2023), a Japanese animated drama, winner of an Oscar in the animation category, tells the story of a boy, Mahito Maki, who enters a magical world where he meets a talking heron.

The edition closes with the “Animal Kingdom” (2023), science fiction, where human beings begin to undergo mutations that transform them into animal creatures.

The project is a partnership between the Joane Film Club and the Casa das Artes of the Municipality of Famalicão. The organization advises that the public bring “warm clothes, blankets, beach chairs and even popcorn”.

Check out the full list of films showing below-

Devesa Park

July 3 – “Perfect Days” by Wim Wenders
July 10 – “DUCKS!”, by Guylo Homsy and Benjamin Renner
July 17 – “The Excluded”, by Alexander Payne
August 14 – “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” by Paul King
August 21 – “Animal Kingdom” by Thomas Cailley


July 14th in Outiz – Churchyard of Gemunde – “Miracle in Milan”, by Vittorio De Sica
July 21st in Avidos – Picnic Park – “The Boy and the Crane”, by Hayao Miyazaki