Eddie Vedder reveals he had a “near-death experience”

Music Pearl Jam’s lead singer has finally explained the “health reason” that caused the group to cancel three concerts.

They are ready for the fans.

Jessica Sousa

The reasons why Pearl Jam have cancelled three concerts in London and Berlin during their current European tour have finally been revealed. During their last concert, on July 6 in Barcelona, ​​Eddie Vedder explained that he had breathing problems, as did “some” members of the band.

Recent news about the American band, who are preparing to perform in Portugal at NOS Alive on July 13, left fans worried. But after the energetic show in Spain, with 17 songs on the setlist, Eddie Vedder took advantage of the end of “Just Breathe” to speak directly to the audience.

“Last week I pretty much had a near-death experience. It was very uncomfortable and scary,” said the 59-year-old singer.

The chest problem is said to have left Eddie struggling to breathe. “It felt like I might not make it through the night or I might have to go to the hospital,” he added. The same thing happened to “some” of the band members.

“We realized how precious this life is, how lucky we are to live on a planet where we can go around playing for incredible people like the ones here tonight. So this was a moving experience,” he concluded.

In late June, the group canceled the shows scheduled for London and Berlin, on June 29 and July 2 and 3, respectively, for “health reasons”.

“This decision was the last one we wanted to make, especially considering that so many of you had your trip planned according to your schedule. There was simply no other alternative when it came to our health, a measure we took to avoid even more serious damage in the future,” read a note posted on Instagram.

Four years after the release of their last work, “Gigaton”, the group returned to the fray with the release, in April, of “Dark Matter”, their 12th album.

With a career spanning over 30 years, the band behind hits such as “Alive”, “Just Breathe” and “Yellow Ledbetter” are considered a true cult group, with millions of dedicated fans who sell out concerts as soon as each date is announced. Pearl Jam have sold over 85 million albums worldwide.