New film in the “Police Hunter” saga has arrived on Netflix

Television The story of Alex Foley, a detective played by Eddie Murphy, began to be told in 1984 — precisely 40 years ago.

The film arrived on the platform today.

Rita Carmona Law

The third film in the “The Cop Hunter” saga premiered in theaters in 1994. Exactly three decades later, the fourth chapter arrived this Wednesday, July 3, on Netflix.

“The Cop Hunter: Alex Foley” represents Eddie Murphy’s return to one of the most iconic roles of his career, that of Detective Axel Foley. The one-hour and fifty-seven-minute production was directed by Mark Molloy.

The cast also includes actors Judge Reinhold and John Aston, who will play the veteran police officers whose lives were made hell by Alex in the previous chapters. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser, Taylour Paige and Bronson Pinchot are other names that will join the new production.

“Detective Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is back in action in Beverly Hills. After his daughter (Taylour Paige) is put in danger, the two team up with a new partner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and old friends Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) and John Taggart (John Ashton) to spring into action and uncover a conspiracy,” reads the film’s synopsis.

The production of this long-awaited return is led by Jerry Bruckheimer, Eddie Murphy and Chad Oman. The team’s goal was to maintain the spirit of the first chapters, with a more updated narrative.

The saga follows a Detroit police officer who finds himself dealing with the reality of Beverly Hills — which contrasts with his own — while investigating a murder. The first episode of the comedy hit theaters in 1984 and was a box office success. The film catapulted Eddie Murphy’s career to another level and the sequels that followed made the actor a global star in the 80s and 90s.

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