Arrowdale To Go Up For Sale

Arrowdale Golf Course members and the community will be able to enjoy one more season of play before the city sells the property. The city plans to use the proceeds of a future sale to fund affording housing in the community.

In an 8-3 vote, Brantford City Council approved a motion to sell the 92 year old property. The city does not have a buyer for the land currently, but plans to move forward with a search, as well as creating a plan for zoning and developing the land.

Prior to Tuesday’s council meeting, supporters of keeping the municipally owned course, held a rally outside city hall and then gathering in council chambers to continue to express their opposition to the sale. 16 delegations in total appeared before council during the meeting, 14 of those speaking against the sale.

The councillors voting against the motion, Cheryl Antoski (Ward 4), Richard Carpenter (Ward 4), and Brian Van Tilborg (Ward 5), had three main concerns. Those concerns included the need for affordable green space within the city, the historical significance of the course and the lack of community engagement and involvement prior to final vote.

An amendment to original motion to dedicate 15 acres of the property as green space was brought forward and passed.

Once sold, the proceeds, estimated to be $22 million, will go into a municipal housing fund. The municipal property tax revenue generated from the property following a sale will also be transferred into a reserve fund for affordable housing. The yearly property tax revenue is estimated to be about $3 million.

Brantford has an ambitious plan to build 506 affordable housing units over ten years at a cost of $28 million.