Brant County Addressing Traffic Issues on Cobblestone Drive

In the wake of major traffic issues and speeding in a Paris subdivision, the County of Brant will be reducing speed limits to 40 kms an hour on Cobblestone Drive.

Council unanimously passed a resolution to reduce the speed limit, as well as install a three way stop sign in the area. County staff has also been directed to report back on road engineering options to calm traffic in the subdivision located off Rest Acres Road. A report is expected to be complete by March.

The new speed limits will be set in school zones, Grandville Circle and all of Cobblestone Drive. An all way stop at the intersection of Grandville Circle and Cobblestone Drive will also be erected.

Residents had submitted numerous complaints about speeding motorists in the neighborhood. They say the problems with traffic have been steadily increasing over the past several years.

“What brought it all to a head was when school started in September. The combination of King Edward Street being under construction and Arlington Parkway (not open) so that the people from the new houses could get out of their development from there.”

Moira Hunter-Kenyon, Cobblestone Drive Resident

A speed spy box collecting data August through October showed speeds of up to 80 km in the residential area between the hours of 8AM to 11AM and 3PM to 6PM. It also indicated, traffic tripled during that same time frame.

Residents called for a reduction of speed on Cobblestone Drive as well as calming measures like speed humps, permanent speed radar signs, stop signs at problem intersections, and an increased OPP presence.