Brant County Councillor Begging Young Residents to Adhere to Distancing Rules

BRANT COUNTY – County of Brant Councillor, Marc Laferriere is urging residents to adhere to the recently introduced provincial policy to ban groups of 5 people.

Laferriere says, officials in the County would like to continue to keep parks open if possible, however, is observing behavior which may risk that.

“I live not far away from here (the skate park at Syl Apps Arena), actually I can see it from my window. Sometimes I’m seeing 12 to 20 and young people mostly, some in their 20’s, so young adults, congregating here and not adhering to social distancing rules and it’s going to have consequences if it’s not addressed.”

Marc Laferriere, Ward 2 Councillor, County of Brant
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Laferriere stresses, right now The County of Brant parks remain open and says they are a wonderful way for residents to get fresh air, physical exercise and mental health relief from being cooped-up at home. However, he adds he has received daily reports of people playing basketball together, which is not considered social distancing.

“Do we have to get to the point where we have to take down nets? I hope not. Do we have to get to the point where we have to bring in equipment to shut down the skate park?”

Marc Laferriere, Ward 2 Councillor, County of Brant

The Ontario government issued an emergency order, which came into effect Saturday night, to ban gatherings of more than five people. The order does not apply to households with five or more people, or to child-care centres still running in support of frontline health-care workers. Those who defy the order are subject to a fine of $750.