Brant County Expands Its Natural Trails and Woodland

The County of Brant recently acquired approximately 100 acres, known as Barker’s Bush, in a mutual beneficial deal with a local developer. The good news for taxpayers is the land exchange did not require any funds.

The county also gained an additional 40 acres to develop a destination park in the trade.

Losani Homes, a local home builder, owned the land including natural trails and woodland bordering the west side of the Nith peninsula in Paris. Losani also owned 40 acres of land locally known as the former Gurney Sand and Gravel Pit in the south end of Paris, along Powerline Road and Pottruff Road.

The County of Brant owned four acres of land on the northern tip of the Nith peninsula, in Paris, which adjoin Losani’s current residential community project known as “Peninsula”.

Brant County Mayor David Bailey says they are pleased to announce that the County of Brant and Losani Homes have officially exchanged the parcels of land.

The future of Barker’s Bush has been of interest to many people in the community concerned it may be developed or blocked to the public. Paris resident, Sam McDonald, says Barkers Bush is one reason she loves where she lives, and along with her husband has been hiking and biking the trails for over 20 years.

MacDonald and a group of friends have been working behind the scenes for many years to keep the trails clear, clean and usable.

“Now, we can preserve and enhance the natural habitat and develop a sustainable trail system for community enjoyment,” says Bailey. “As well, the former Gurney Sand and Gravel Pit lands may provide the perfect location for a destination park which could contain multiple sports fields, play structures and other recreational elements.”

Losani will be using the additional land they acquired for a storm water management pond to complete their Peninsula community project.

“We truly see this as a win for the County of Brant. It enhances our overall quality of life in the County and allows us to protect a precious resource such as Barker’s Bush.”

David Bailey, Brant County Mayor