Brant County Health Unit Confirms Community Spread

“While not unexpected, this should be absolutely taken seriously.”

Dr. Elizabeth Urbantke, Medical Officer of Health

The Brant County Health Unit is reporting they received confirmation of what appears to be the first case indicating community spread over the weekend.

BCHU explains community spread as becoming infected with the virus in the area but not aware of how or where the infection occurred.

Brant County Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Elizabeth Urbantke says, since receiving that notification they also know of two cases since Saturday that also appear to be acquired by community spread. Dr. Urbantke adds, this is not unexpected news as they already had confirmation of community spread from neighboring communities.

“This further illustrates that residents need to assume they can catch the virus anywhere and thinking it’s not in our community is a mistake.

Dr. Elizabeth Urbantke, Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Urbantke also says, they can assure the public BCHU is being notified and in contact with all those who have been tested, as well as waiting for tests. She says, until a negative test has been confirmed, they are instructing those awaiting results to self isolate.

As of Tuesday, the Brant County Health Unit reports there are fourteen confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the community, which is a jump from the total of four cases reported last Friday.

Dr. Urbantke attributes the sudden jump to the back-log of tests being cleared at the lab and was not unexpected. Urbantke says, as more labs are being put into operation, we should see those kind of back logs avoided.