Brant County Library Resumes Service Curbside-style

BRANT COUNTY – Books can be borrowed again through the Brant County Public Library. Curbside pick-up began late last week at the Paris Branch to test procedures for the new service before rolling out to other branches.

“Thursday and Friday were our pilots,” explains Karen Scott, Director of Operations and Public Services. “Now we’re going to announce more hours for the Paris branch and the other branches.”

Scott says there appears to be a need for the service based on the response to their pilot project. “People are calling back right away,” she says. “They’re eager.”

To access the service, residents call the library or visit the website to place a hold on materials. When a notification is received, they call the branch to book an appointment for pick-up.

Visitors are being asked to practice physical distancing and wear a face mask when they arrive to pick-up material.

Everything returned to the branch is quarantined for 72 hours. “We’re asking that everyone put materials through the book drop,” Scott says. “That way we can control the influx of all the materials coming in.”

“We set it aside for three days before we touch it again. That’s been our routine. On books, the virus is said to last 24 hours, so it’s a little overkill but it keeps us safe.”

Karen Scott, Director of Operations and Public Services

Scott also explains returns are optional. “There are no due dates. No fines,” she says. “They can hold on to them for as long as they want including materials going out right now. The book drop is there for convenience’s sake if they want to return the materials, but it’s not an expectation.”

The county is expecting to begin providing the curbside pick-up at all county branches shortly. Library material reservations and further information are available online at or by phone at 519-442-2433.