Brant County Mayor Replaces Councillor Robert Chambers on Board of Health

Brant County Mayor, David Bailey has now replaced Councillor Robert Chambers as the county’s representative on the local board of health, governing the Brant County Health Unit.

Chambers stepped down from his position Tuesday at the county council’s meeting.

“Councillor Chambers resigned his position with the health unit so I could take that position,” explains Mayor David Bailey. “As he said yesterday when we accepted his resignation, it had become time for the mayor to become a member of that board, especially now. I should be at any table where COVID-19 is being discussed.”

“He enjoyed being on the health unit and was on there for a long, long time, many, many years,” Bailey says, referring to Chambers. “I’m grateful for the time that he spent on it and I’m very grateful that he sees the need that I should be there now.”

The mayor of Brantford, Kevin Davis, is also the city’s representative on board.

“I want to be sure that the health unit stays as a shared service for the county and the city. I would hate for the city to ever take back the health unit for themselves. I think we should always be very aware that we need to be part of that health unit.”

Mayor David Bailey, County of Brant

The board of health is composed of two members from the county, three from the city, along with provincial appointees.