Brant County to get Public Transit

The County of Brant will soon be offering a new form of public transportation for its residents. Brant County Council has approved funding for the Brant E-Ride to begin this fall.

“E-Ride is a micro-transit e-hailing service. It is going to be shared ride, people can use an app, a website or they can directly call in to book the service”

Sheen Yarek, Supervisor of Public Transportation and Accessibility for Brant County

The county performed an extensive feasibility study of public transportation needs, and after review, determined transit was needed.

Yarek adds, more information about Brant E-ride will be released over the next few weeks as the county prepares to launch the service. The service will be door to door and on-demand. BTS network, which is providing the fleet, will also be providing the drivers and training.