Brantford Dental Office Re-opens with State-of-the-Art Environmental Upgrades

BRANTFORD – Ontario has announced some health-care providers are now allowed to re-open, providing new health and safety guidelines are in place as directed by health regulatory colleges.

Dentists, optometrists, massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians, and denturists are among those professions preparing to offer services again for the first time since March 17th. The province ordered all non-essential and elective health services to close or reduce operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clarence Street Dental in Brantford has remained opened since the State of Emergency began to provide emergency and urgent care treatment only.

Part Owner of Clarence Street Dental, Dr. Lee Ferrao, says a number of new measures were implemented at their facility in order to safely provide emergency services throughout the pandemic.

“We do have COVID screening we’re currently doing over the phone with one of our lovely team members,” Ferrao says. “That’s a precaution for both the general public and our staff.”

Ferrao explains, the office is now socially distanced and over the time closed to general procedures they were able to complete further upgrades and procure PPE.

A significant upgrade introduced at the facility is the creation of three new surgical suites. Each suite includes two doors sealing the room and a surgically clean unit that evacuates the air in cycles. The air in each suite is completely cleared between patients.

“Prior to COVID, we actually already had some surgically clean air units because we felt it is of utmost importance,” Ferrao says. “Now with the COVID, we’re planning to put these units in each and every one of our operatories.”

“It’s not just practicing and preparing for COVID-19, it’s about what’s going to happen two years from now, five years from now, and trying to be one step ahead of what’s coming and what’s going to be our new normal.”

Dr. Lee Ferrao, Clarence Street Dental