Brantford General Hospital Introduces New Gamma Technology

The Brantford General Hospital is introducing new technology into their system. With the aid of a $500 000 grant from SC Johnson, the hospital is implementing a new gamma camera. The machine creates detailed images of the structure and function of organs and tissue in a patient’s body. Dr. Christopher O’Brien from the Nuclear Medicine Department says this means his patients have access to top-of-the-line, high class diagnostic and therapeutic procedures without having to leave the community.

“If you have breast cancer, lung cancer or prostate cancer we are now able to more adequately and accurately diagnose where the cancer is going in your body, allowing you, the patient, to be able to make a decision with your doctor for the best treatment that’s available for you.”

Dr. Christopher O’Brien, Nuclear Medicine Department

O’Brien adds, this technology is also extremely useful in the treatment of sports injuries.

This latest grant from SC Johnson puts their total cumulative gifts to the Brant Community Health System at over 4 million dollars. Chris Moeller, the Executive Director and General Manager at SC Johnson, says he recognizes the provincial government has put a lot back on hospitals to raise donations for upgraded and new technology.

“I’d always thought the money that we gave to a hospital like this was to top things off… just recently I’ve gotten into the details more about what gets funded and what doesn’t and it’s given me a lot more appreciation for the importance of donations coming from outside organizations.”

Chris Moeller, Executive Director and GM, SC Johnson

To commemorate SC Johnson’s contributions, the Medical Imaging and Cardiac Diagnostic Department has been named in their honour.