Building Begins Again for Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity building projects are underway again, following a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The province recently gave the organization the green light to reopen its ReStores and reactivate their build program.

Late last fall, the organization introduced work would begin on the largest project in their 20-year history in Brantford in the spring of 2020. The plan includes the construction of 56 townhouse units in seven buildings on property acquired at 200 Brantwood Park Road.¬†Twenty-four of those units are for those families who qualify under Habitat’s program.

Habitat for Humanity’s Director of Fund Development and Communications, Lynda Henricksen says despite the halt in-store sales and building projects for the past couple of months, fundraising operations have not stopped. “As most of the community knows, we really rely on the ReStore for a significant part of the source of funds to be able to cover the cost of our operations, not necessarily the full cost, but certainly a large portion,” Henricksen says. “That means that any of the community support that we receive can go directly into the homebuilding program, which in turn also supports all the families that need a safe and decent place to live.”

Habitat for Humanity staff has continued to work from home throughout the pandemic, so Henricksen says the homeownership program has continued. “We continued to take inquiries for homeownership and also our fundraising program, our volunteer engagement, and outreach,” Henricksen adds. “Our volunteer coordinator has been really creative in being able to continue to engage with our volunteer core.”

Henricksen also says details regarding another new project in Norfolk County will be released in the coming weeks. “Haldimand-Norfolk’s Women Services had some additional land they were willing to sever,” Hendricksen says. “Habitat for Humanity was able to secure that additional land in Simcoe as well so we can plan for another build in Simcoe for a local family.”