Candidates Face-Off

The registration is complete. Eight candidates in the riding of Brantford-Brant officially threw their hats in the ring prior to the 2PM deadline on Monday.

There are eight candidates in the race: John Turmel, Independent; Leslie Bory, Independant; Jeffery Gallagher, Veterans Coalition Party of Canada; Dave Wrobel, People’s Party of Canada; Bob Jonkman, Green Party of Canada; Sabrina Sawyer, NDP; Danielle Takacs, Liberal Party of Canada; and Phil McColeman, Conservative Party of Canada.

The first local debate for candidates was also held on Monday evening. The debate, hosted by the Brantford-Brant Chamber of Commerce and Rogers tv, provided the opportunity for cable television viewers to listen to the candidates explain their party platform and discuss important issues. Four of the eight registered candidates were in attendance.

The Chamber of Commerce invited, Sawyer, Wrobel, Jonkman, Takacs and McColeman to participate in the two hour debate. Sawyer was unable to attend and posted the regret for her absence on social media, stating her family needs as her priority. Sawyer explained, her mother’s battle with cancer had taken to the worse this week and was by her side.

The candidates responded to questions posed in a variety of topics and issues, including climate change, balanced budget, international trade and farming, a national pharma-care plan, infrastructure, the cost of living and affordability, and taxation.

“What was most important for me was to talk about what our platform is. The Conservative Party has put out a comprehensive platform addressing all the issues that were discussed tonight and being able to relay that to the constituents of this riding was the single most important thing. I’ve heard too many people…just tell us what you’re going to do when you’re in government so that’s what I attempted to do here tonight.”

Phil McColeman, Conservative Party Candidate

“As in the opening remarks of the chair, we are at a pivotal time in our community and I think we really need some fresh ideas. I hope I have expanded my base of support tonight and people are considering voting Liberal who may not otherwise have before.”

Danielle Takacs, Liberal Party Candidate

“As the Green Party member it’s climate change, of course, that I tried to get out there but also the issue of electoral reform which is near and dear to my heart. That’s what got me started in politics and that’s really what I’m trying to thrust across to the voters to let them know that they are not being adequately represented by the current voting system and the Green Party has a plan to change that.”

Bob Jonkman, Green Party Candidate

“We need to start looking at the actual policies and the merits that are being given to the people to make the best possible decision. I think if we get rid of identity politics and take that whole system and break it down, we’ll open up the doors for other candidates like myself and the People’s Party of Canada to represent people first and foremost, not just the party.”

Dave Wrobel, People’s Party Candidate

Voters across the nation will go to the polls on October 21st to cast their ballot in the federal election.