City Finds Savings


Brantford’s Mayor and the CAO’s office say they have found “significant efficiencies in the 2020 budget”.

The city began the budget process on November 18th with an operating budget calling for spending of just over $161.6 million dollars and a 2.41 percent increase.

“While we recognize we still have work to do, I’m very pleased with how hard the senior management team, staff and Council have worked together to realize more efficiencies, while ensuring we are still in a good position to provide a high level of service to citizens.”

Kevin Davis, Brantford Mayor

The Estimates Committee is in the process of hearing presentations for consideration to the 2020 budget. Meanwhile, the Finance Committee has been working with staff and the new Chief Administrative Officer, Brian Hutchings to manage demands and resources.

“A more efficient and inclusive long-term budget planning process has put us in a more positive position going into the development of this year’s budget.”

Brian Hutchings, CAO

Mayor Davis also says, it’s important that the Mayor and CAO’s office lead by example and is very encouraged by the efficiencies. He says by restructuring operations they will deliver a 27.22% decrease in the budget over last year, amounting in savings of approximately $93,000.