Comic Book Store Puts Brantford on the Map

BRANTFORD – One of Canada’s biggest online comic book shops is not only located in Brantford, it’s co-owned by a 20 year old university student and his father who followed their passion.

The pair found a way to make a living doing something they love. Warren Mitchell was able to quit his full-time job, and his son, Jayden, an arts and business student at the University of Waterloo, was able to make his dream a reality.

Warren Mitchell says shortly after launching the business from the basement of their family home last September, they had to move to a warehouse on Elgin Street.

Jayden Mitchell sites an app as being what kept Capt-Can Comics not only successful but growing through the pandemic.

While the business has plans to go global, the pair want to focus on growing Canadian business first, with a focus in Brantford.

The Mitchells say Capt-Can Comics was off to a slow start when it launched the website last fall, but ten months later, it is selling almost ten thousand books a month. In March, they were only offering 15 thousand books online, now that number has doubled, and they are selling as fast as they are uploaded.