Discount Air Carrier ‘Swoop Airlines’ Cancels 25 Flights due to ‘Maintenance Issues’

WestJet’s low-cost sister carrier ‘Swoop Airlines’ has abruptly cancelled 25 flights, which were scheduled between Sunday night and Wednesday.

14 of those flights, were destined to or from Hamilton’s John C. Munro Airport. 

The airline tells that an unscheduled maintenance issue arose, and two of its planes had to be immediately taken out of service.

As a result of those planes being unavailable, Swoop’s entire schedule was juggled, in an attempt to impact as few customers as possible.

On Thursday night, another Swoop Airlines plane destined for Las Vegas was grounded in Hamilton, after passengers had boarded.

Passengers say they were left on the plane for 3 hours, and were not allowed to disembark – despite the plane’s air conditioning not working.

Hamilton Paramedic Services tell BRANT dot one that a flight attendant in her 40s was taken to hospital from the plane, suffering from what appeared to be heat exhaustion.

Swoop says that the Thursday night situation was also due to mechanical issues.

Swoop Airlines launched a year ago, and operates out of Hamilton’s airport, and out of Edmonton International Airport, with a total fleet of seven planes.