Downtown Missing Annual Flury of WLU Students Move

BRANTFORD – Normally at this time of year, downtown Brantford is buzzing with activity and excitement as hundreds of Laurier students begin to move into residence.

But due to the pandemic, this year’s move-in day, orientation week, and the start of the school year looks entirely different.

Dean of Students at WLU Brantford, Adam Lawrence, says the university has been working with public health to develop a detailed, integrated plan for welcoming students back, including a phased return to campus and remote activities so that the excitement first year students experience when arriving isn’t overshadowed by the pandemic.

Lawrence says WLU has taken significant steps to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, but most classes have shifted online with remote learning options.

Lawrence explains that this year’s orientation week, which usually sees hundreds of students parading through the downtown to get to know the community and the campus layout, will be done virtually this month.

Laurier is offering virtual orientation events, live course registration support, and an exclusive online platform called Laurier life, that allows for incoming first-year students to connect with each other.