Face Masks Become Mandatory in Brantford and County of Brant

BRANTFORD – Brantford City Council has approved a Mandatory Face Covering By-law that will go into effect on Friday, July 17th. The County of Brant has also passed a similar by-law that becomes effective on Monday, July 20th.

To continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19 across the region, both the City of Brantford and County of Brant will require face-coverings in enclosed public indoor spaces and public transit.

“As the city begins moving into Stage 3 of reopening this Friday, more people will be gathering, returning to work, moving around the city, and using public transit,” says Mayor Kevin Davis. “Naturally, more people in public at any given time will make physical distancing more challenging, and in some cases impossible.”

“For as long as the threat of contracting COVID-19 is with us, we need to use absolutely every tool in our arsenal to combat community spread. Simply put, the use of face coverings can help save lives.”

Kevin Davis, Brantford Mayor

The city is also preparing to launch an education and awareness campaign to guide residents and businesses regarding the new by-law and how to access and safely use face coverings.

Brantford City Council will be reviewing the duration of the by-law on a bi-monthly basis.