Food for Fines

The Brantford Public Library is encouraging anyone with overdue books to gather them up and visit this week. The library has partnered with the Brantford Food Bank to create a Food for Fines program.

CEO and Chief Librarian, Rae-Lynne Aramburo says anyone with overdue library books and/or fines can visit the Brantford Public Library with a non-perishable food donation in exchange.

“For every (food) item brought in, we take $5 off of overdue fines on their account. It’s a win-win. The food bank wins. We win because we’re clearing up accounts and really the most important thing is the customer wins because they’re welcome to come into the library and take care of some of those outstanding fines that are maybe preventing them from coming in.”

Rae-Lynne Aramburo, CEO and Chief Librarian

The opportunity runs until December 9th. Aramburo adds, up to $20 worth of fines on an account will be forgiven with the appropriate food donation.

“We really just want people to feel welcome to come to the library, so this is a feel-good way to reduce those barriers, help bring down those fines and start using the library again. It might not seem like a lot, but for some people if it’s a barrier to welcoming them back into the library, it’s well worth it. We want to put library resources in the hands of as many people as we can.”

Rae-Lynne Aramburo, CEO and Chief Librarian