Fur Babies Heading Back for Overdue Grooming

PARIS – Despite an overwhelming demand for service, owner of the Paris Dog Parlour, Jennifer Palmer, chose not to re-open immediately upon the province’s ‘green light’ to do so this week. Palmer decided instead to spend the time ensuring her dog grooming business completely complies with new health and safety requirements.”

“I returned 81 phone calls yesterday!”

Jennifer Palmer, Paris Dog Parlour

Palmer explains the re-opening will be a different experience for both herself as well as the clients.

“We’ll be making the lobby smaller so it’ll just be the owner and their dog once they’re allowed to come in,” Palmer says. “We’re having Plexiglass installed along the edges. We’re meeting the clients outside. We’re changing gloves with every single dog and person we come in contact with. The debit machine has to go remote.”

All employees at the Paris Dog Parlour have also obtained Barbicide Certificates as well.

“Each one of us wrote a test to become certified – COVID-19 certified,” Palmer says. “The establishment itself got certified for the method we need to follow that will be inspected every three weeks.”

Jennifer Palmer, Paris Dog Parlour

Under new guidelines, similar to hair and nail salons, all brushes, clippers, and combs must now be disinfected with Barbicide.

Palmer says other changes necessary to operate during the pandemic include staggering start times for her staff and appointments.

“We might be doing drop-off times every 20 minutes and pick-up times will roughly work the same,” Palmer explains. “We’ll have to be a little stricter with those times so we don’t have a bunch of people waiting outside.

Palmer adds, during the shut-down, she was able to stay in touch with some of her clients, virtually, to show them how to groom their pets at home.

“I posted videos on home grooming,” Palmer says. “They private messaged me about individual issues with their dog. They’re all different in how they’re handled and where to get certain supplies like nail clippers or what kind of brush to use.”

The Paris Dog Parlour re-opens their location at 119 Grand River Street North downtown Paris on Tuesday, May 26th.