Greg Anderson Acclaimed as Grand Erie School Board Chair

Trustee, Greg Anderson has been acclaimed as Board Chair at Grand Erie District School Board following a nomination meeting on Monday night. This will be Anderson’s third term as Chair of the Board.

“I’m honoured that my trustee colleagues have once again supported my leadership. Over the past two years, we have much to be proud of as we’ve remained focused on our Multi-Year Plan and our goal of ‘Success for Every Student’. As we continue to move ahead, I look forward to once again working with my colleagues and representing the board in all of our communities across the system.”

Greg Anderson, Grand Erie District School Board Chair

Anderson was first elected as a trustee during the 2014 municipal election. Prior to running for office, Anderson had career in education as a teacher, vice-principal and principal. He was also a Superintendent of Education at Grand Erie for more than a decade before retiring in 2013.

During the meeting, Trustee Rita Collver, was also acclaimed as Vice-Chair of the Board for this school year.