Gun Violence a Drain on Brantford Police Resources

Following last week’s double homicide, Brantford’s rate of shootings now officially doubles that of Toronto. There has been 12 shootings to date in 2019, with four fatalities.

Brantford Police Chief, Geoff Nelson, says the recent gun violence has been a major drain on policing resources and is calling for provincial funding to help the city’s task force on gun violence.

“Brantford Police introduced a gun violence reduction strategy earlier this year” and “the task force has proven to be effective with more than 20 arrests, executing 15 search warrants and recovering a number of illicit firearms, drugs and money”.

Brantford Police Chief, Geoff Nelson

Nelson adds, however, to make any further impact, they need provincial funding, along with the creation and coordination of a multi-jurisdictional intervention strategy to identify those connected to the violence.

The Brantford Police Service has applied for the Province’s community and safety policing grant. Nelson is waiting for the Ford government to make a decision on the grant and will be announced later this summer.