Homeless Hotel Quarantine Program to End

BRANTFORD – Funding for the City Of Brantford to provide temporary housing for those members of the area’s homeless population most vulnerable to COVID-19 has come to an end.

Approximately twenty-two residents of those in the area’s homeless shelter system have been self-isolating at a local hotel since April due to underlying health issues that could make exposure to the virus deadly.

The quarantine program was part of Brantford’s response to the pandemic and to reduce the risk of a potential outbreak among the clients and staff in shelters.  The program has been considered a success. To date, there has not been a case of the novel coronavirus within the shelter system.

Two floors of a local hotel are under the¬†management of Rosewood House, one of the city’s three homeless shelters.

The program’s total cost was roughly $180 thousand a month. The city received $970 thousand from the province and nearly $310 thousand from the federal government.

The program will come to an end on August 31st. Current residents are moving to other shelters or affordable housing within the community.