Humans of Brant collecting pandemic stories to document history

BRANTFORD – A local group is encouraging Branford residents to come forward and tell their COVID-19 pandemic story.

Humans of Brant have launched a project called ‘Together Apart.’ The goal of the project is to collect the personal stories of unique ways residents are dealing with and learning from the crisis to preserve for the history books.

Humans of Brant Member, Rishia Burke, says the group is quite interested to see what people are learning during the crisis and what they would like to take forward.

“We’re thinking about all the amazing, inspirational things that we see happening in the community as people have to figure out creative ways and new ways to be by themselves or connecting with other people remotely.”

Rishia Burke, Humans of Brant

Sharing stories is as easy as visiting one of the group’s social media sites, Facebook or Instagram, and answering the questions listed with the chat.

Residents also have the option to have their full story told by contacting the group by email at [email protected] with one of their storytellers/writers.

There is a silver lining. A lot of people talked about the great pause, taking that time and appreciating friends and family when they had been moving too fast. We don’t want to forget those things.”

Rishia Burke, Humans of Brant

Humans of Brant has also reached out to all community associations to promote their plan. Mandy Samwell, with the Eagle Place Community Association, says each neighbourhood within Brantford may have a unique story to tell.

“I feel like we’re a really resilient community,” Samwell says, referring to Eagle Place. “We’re working on getting a virtual book club together. We’re doing things to connect with each other. Just getting through together.”

Burke adds, there’s also an international component to the ‘Together Apart’ initiative. Some of the stories from Brantford will be shared on that global platform as well.

Currently, the team is working to attract attention to the project to gain further submissions of stories. The group has been able to use signage through neighborhood associations for promotion, as well as strategically placed rocks providing information with QR codes to their social media sites.