Local Apple Orchard Receives Big Award

Fall is around the corner, cooler weather has arrived and along with it – apple harvest season. One local orchard, offering “pick-your-own” is celebrating a prestigious award this year.

The Howell family of Brantview Apples and Cider in St. George is one of 11 families selected as this years recipients of the BMO Ontario Farm Family Award. The awards will be presented at the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo on September 21st. Store Manager, Linda Howell, says being recognized is truly an honour for her family.

“We changed our focus a few years ago from being wholesale to retail. Now we have a “pick-your-own”, Jay goes to markets, everyone is involved.”

Linda Howell, Store Manager

Howell adds, part of the award is for involvement in the community, something her family is also very proud of.

“We are super busy all the time. It used to be we were only busy in September and October, but when I retired, we started two new businesses – Jenny with the hard cider and Missy with events.”

Linda Howell, Store Manager

Howell also says, they expect a particularly great harvest this year.

Brantview Apples has been in production for nearly 200 years and grows over 20 varieties.