Local Candidates Discuss Rural Issues

The Women Inspiring Women Institute of Brant, along with the Brant County Federation of Agriculture hosted an All Candidates Meeting Wednesday evening in advance of the October 21st federal election.

There are eight candidates running for the MP position in the Brant Riding. The five candidates representing a party with official status were invited to answer questions from the moderator. The three other candidates were invited to give a two minute speech.

“Agriculture got some very specific questions, but they also got some very broad-reaching questions. The health of the rural community is more than farming, it’s more than agriculture, it’s all the small towns we have in Brant County.”

Marilyn Sewell, Women Inspiring Women Institute

The debate’s host, The Women Inspiring Women Institute, includes members of all ages and stages of life with a common goal of empowerment and betterment of the community.

“The questions we got tonight were both specific and personal. I was very pleased with the diversity of that.”

Marilyn Sewell, Women Inspiring Women Institute

Independent candidate, John Turmel, arrived taking a seat in another candidates’ position at the table and took objection to the two minute speech rule. Turmel was subsequently escorted from the meeting by the OPP for being disruptive.