Local Distillery Supplying Sanitizer to the Community

AYR – Willibald Farm Distillery, Brewery and Restaurant, located just outside the Village of Ayr, may be best known for their award-winning gin and in recent years their restaurant and brewery, but are now working diligently to produce a new product. The company has used their expertise in distilling and brewing, to create and provide a safe sanitizer formulation in the wake of a shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Head Distiller, Nolan Vanderheyden says their business has had no choice but to adapt and evolve during this unprecedented time.

“On the production side of things, we produce ethanol day to day as part of our spirits production so we are now converting our facility into producing hand sanitizer…our biggest limitation right now is acquiring bottles. Bottling of any kind is in high demand right now.”

Nolan Vanderheyden, Head Distiller

Willibald Farms is hoping to offer free sanitizer spray once a week to the community, in addition to producing larger formats for first responders and front line healthcare workers. An announcement will be made on their Facebook page and Instagram with details on distribution when the product is available.