New Dining Options to Emerge Downtown Paris ‘After the Storm’

While some restaurants and bars across the province struggle to stay afloat amid the pandemic lock down, one restaurant group located in downtown Paris is taking advantage of the situation to renovate and re-brand.

That Dam Restaurant Group is in the process of combining two of their establishments, located in the core along the picturesque Grand River, into one larger restaurant with a new name and atmosphere.

That Dam Restaurant Group located downtown Paris also includes the popular eateries, Cobblestone Public House and Stillwaters Plate and Pour.

“Capeesh!” will be a merging of Midtown Cafe and Trattoria Midtown. The two facilities have shared the same riverside patios in the past, but not menu options.

“With Trattoria, a lot of the popular stuff is moving over to the new menu. Some Midtown stuff is moving over to the new menu,” explains Matt Cummings, President of That Dam Restaurant Group. “It’s going to be a sit-down atmosphere with two patios overlooking the Grand River.”

“We were faced with a decision when we were forced to close and not knowing how long it would be,” says Cummings. “We had a chance to look at the cafe and the two patios over the water. There are people dying to eat and dine there…demand seems to be there, so figured what better time than now to get it done.”

The cafe portion of the former Midtown Cafe will be renovated to include a new dine-in area for “Capeesh!”.

Cummings explains, being extremely responsible with company finances over past years is the main reason his company is able to make a significant investment during an economic recession.

“I never expected a rainy day like this, but I always made sure our company was set up that if we had something go wrong, we were able to weather the storm.”

Matt Cummings, That Dam Restaurant Group

Cummings also says, a healthy mental state has also been key to his ability to take on a new project at this time. “I know this won’t last forever,” he adds. “I think a lot of small business owners are kinda in a panic mode right now – and don’t get me wrong, I have my days – but it’s about long-term.”

Cummings says, his small business thinking has always been about long-term, carefully considering what will going to happen down the road and making the right decisions now based on possible future circumstances.

“Paris is growing. Paris is going to be even busier than before this happened. So we’re preparing for it.”

Matt Cummings, That Dam Restaurant Group