New Professional Theatre Group to Launch in Brantford

The Birth of Brantford’s First Professional Theatre Company:  

Grandview Theatre Company will be hosting a Launch Party on Saturday June 29th from 8pm to 12 midnight, inside the Laurier Creativity Hub at the Brantford Convention Center to raise funds for the very first season of professional theatre ever produced in Brantford.

Tickets will be available at the door for $15.

Choosing Brantford as the spot to launch a professional theatre company was an easy choice for Victoria Hudson-Muir, Grandview’s Founder and Artistic Producer.

‘What attracts me most to Brantford – to living and to working here – is its untapped potential” Victoria said.

“Potential for art, potential for industry, potential for people. When people tell me that professional theatre can’t happen in Brantford, I look at the potential around me in my city, and that’s not what I see… Professional theatre CAN happen in Brantford – and it will, with Grandview Theatre Company.’

The party will feature a cash bar, a silent auction, acoustic musical performances, monologue performances, improv games, a photobooth, and much more. The line-up for Grandview Theatre’s 2020 Season will be announced at the party.

The party will take place on an old set donated to Laurier Brantford from the Showcase series “Lost Girl.” All ages are welcome, and there is no dress code.