Newsbrief – September 28, 2020

BRANTFORD – Elements Casino Brantford is officially open again. Patrons are now able to visit the casino for the first time in over six months, after it was forced closed by the pandemic in mid March.

The company will follow provincial pandemic guidelines, which include allowing no more than 50 people to gather indoors. In the summer, casinos were granted permission under Stage 3 COVID-19 rules to reopen with a cap of 50 patrons.

The County of Brant says a rendering showing a large flood wall running through downtown Paris is not a county produced drawing and does not accurately represent discussions Brant County has been engaging citizens in for the last two years. The rendering has been released through both media and social media outlets by a third party.

Mayor David Bailey says the county is committed to retaining the natural beauty of downtown Paris. Mayor Bailey adds, the county has been engaged in a discussion with the community about how to make downtown Paris more resilient to flooding but as yet, no firm design plan on how that will look.

Halton investigators say it’s the largest quantity of fentanyl they’ve ever seized. Between June and September, a total of nine people were arrested.
Officers allegedly seized 10 kilograms of fentanyl, one kilogram of cocaine, MDMA, and six kilograms of an unknown drug they have yet to identify.

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