Orange Shirt Day 2020

BRANTFORD – Orange Shirt Day is celebrated annually at the Woodland Cultural Centre. It’s a national campaign to recognize and acknowledge survivors of residential schools in Canada.

Last year the centre invited over 400 guests for the Survivors Gathering and over 150 students for an education experience on Orange Shirt Day, but Save the Evidence Coordinator, Carley Gallant-Jenkins says, unfortunately, this years event had to be modified.

Gallant-Jenkins says Orange Shirt Day, which takes place annually on September 30th, is a day to honour the indigenous children who were sent to residential schools. It became a national campaign to raise awareness and provide education.

The public family events take place from October 2nd to 4th. Gallant-Jenkins says there are multiple screening events for families wishing to attend the virtual event.

The Save the Evidence Campaign is a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign to help restore the Mohawk Institute Residential School as well as develop the building into an interpreted historic site and educational resource.

There are multiple days available for schools, organizations and the public to participate digitally to recognize the significance of the day and available to book through the Woodland Cultural Centre’s website at