Paris Legion Members Planning for Facelifts

The Branch 29 Royal Canadian Legion, which has been serving the Paris community for 93 years, is asking for some community support of it’s own. The Branch requires the immediate undertaking of several capital improvement projects to continue it’s sustainability, so has launched a fundraising campaign.

Legion Executive Member, Roy Haggart, says the campaign started about two weeks ago, but while they raise a lot of money through their poppy campaigns and lotteries, there are restrictions within those licenses and they are unable to use those funds for operational or capital improvements.

Haggart adds, “just our day to day functioning is very difficult” and won’t fund a $60,000 project”. So far approximately $6,000 has been raised with sizable donations, but the next step according to Haggart is to “hit the streets and knock on doors”.

Branch President, Andrew Moran, says there are some major projects needed to complete. “The first thing we want to do is put in a handy-cap entrance and then bring our kitchen downstairs so it’s a little more accessible.” says Moran. Moran adds, “we’re all getting a little older and with no elevator here, the stairs are a major obsticle

Other renovations include washroom upgrades, updating the heating and air conditioning systems, as well as upgrades to bar service area.