Pet Pics with Santa


Hundreds of people and pets participate in one of Brant SPCA’s most popular fundraising events over the weekend. The annual ‘Pet Pics with Santa’ took place at Antler Services this year and a large variety of animals posed for the cause.

“We have had chickens, rabbits and we even had a pig at one point. We welcomed all!”

Nadine Dwinnell, Manager of Animal Care, Brant SPCA


Pictures taken at the event are provided in print or digital format.
Money raised is used to fund the shelter’s ongoing operations.


The organization has also added a calendar to their fundraising efforts this year.

“All the animals featured in the calendar are from the SPCA and our Project Patchwork. Project Patchwork is a campaign that helps animals that need more extensive veterinary care, whether that may be a fractured leg or extensive dentistry.”

Nadine Dwinnell, Manager of Animal Care, Brant SPCA