Brantford Man the Target of RCMP High Level Fentanyl Trafficking Bust

Following a week long RCMP drug sweep and take down, a “vastly significant” amount of fentanyl has been removed from Brantford and Southwestern Ontario trafficking operations.

39 year-old, Tim Adam Lodge from Brantford has been charged with drug trafficking cocaine, fentanyl and carfentanil. 10 other people from Hamilton, Kitchener and the greater Toronto area also charged with drug offences.

“There were several rings that were investigated, several networks, several targets. The highest level fentanyl trafficking group that we worked, the target resided in Brantford…”

Staff Sgt. Blair Fuhrman, RCMP Kitchener

Fuhrman adds, some portions of the investigation will continue, and further arrests are not out of question.

RCMP in Kitchener used assistance from the Brantford Police Service, as well as others in the policing community, in seizing a quantity of drugs, including fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, as well as smaller amounts of carfentanil. The estimated street value of the drugs is $10 million.

“The research from a street-level drug use on fentanyl is that 2mg would be a dose, so if you do the math, 10kg is millions of doses. This is a significant impact to Southwestern Ontario fentanyl trafficking operation.”

Staff Sgt. Blair Fuhrman, RCMP Kitchener

The undercover operation directly infiltrated several high level drug trafficking groups and uncovered members of an importation ring working out of the Toronto Pearson International Airport . Two Sunwing Airlines employees are charged with attempting to import cocaine and trafficking cocaine.

“It was an ongoing enterprise and throughout the term of our investigation, which was approximately a year and a half, it was ongoing and had been established prior to that”

Staff Sgt. Blair Fuhrman, RCMP Kitchener

The RCMP received support from the Brantford Police Service during a raid earlier in the week which saw heavy police presence in the Brier Park Road area.