Reunion for Furry Friends

Many guests – both two and four-legged – participated in the Brant County SPCA’s Annual Open House and Reunion Celebration on Sunday. The event is an opportunity to reunite some of the staff and volunteers at the shelter with some of the animals adopted who had found loving, forever homes.

“This is the best turn-out that we have had. We have amazing local vendors that have joined us this year to add to it, so when people are coming, they are staying a little longer.”

Robin Kuchma, Brant SPCA Executive Director

Kuchma adds, they met some amazing animals that were adopted out over the years that came back to visit during the open house and enjoyed hearing their stories.

“A few years back we did a removal of over 100 dogs from a local residence in the Paris area, and one of those dogs came back to visit us today. His name is Sidney. It was great to see him.”

Robin Kuchma, Executive Director, Brant SPCA

“A nine and a half year old dog that was adopted from us – was one of three puppies found in a box in Burford – he came back to visit us today as well. It has been amazing.”

Robin Kuchma, Executive Director, SPCA

Karen Wood arrived to the reunion with her rescue, Riley, who she adopted in December.

“They found him abandoned and not in very good shape. He has come a long way since then and doing very well. He is the sweetest little boy.”

Karen Wood, SPCA Volunteer

Wood adds, her experience with the adoption inspired her to become a volunteer with the organization.

The reunion event has been a tradition for the shelter for the past 17 years.