Search for Male Accused of Exposing Himself

Investigators have obtained security surveillance footage of a suspect and vehicle involved in two incidents involving a man accused of exposing himself to women. OPP are asking the public for help in
finding him.

In the latest incident, Brant County OPP were contacted by a woman who saw a man exit his SUV, remove his clothing and expose himself before going to the back of the vehicle to put on a pair of swim shorts. The vehicles were parked in a lot on Rest Acres road.

The suspect is described as being 20-30 years of age, tall, tanned with muscular arms and short dark hair. He was driving a white SUV pulling a Sea-Doo covered in a black tarp with orange straps. The tarp has the word “spark” in grey lettering.

5 days earlier, Norfolk OPP were contacted after a man, matching the same description in a similar vehicle, exposed himself to a woman in a Simcoe parking lot.