Transgender Awareness Week in Brantford


Brantford’s transgender community proudly raised a flag at City Hall this week in celebration of Transgender Awareness Week in the city.

The acknowledgement of this week, leads up to the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance on Wednesday, November 20th which memorializes the victims of transphobic violence across the world.

The Brantford Advocacy Transgender Alliance along with the City of Brantford marked the start of the week with a flag raising ceremony outside Brantford City Hall. Dignitaries representing Brantford, Brant County and the province joined members of the public for the occasion.

Alliance members say recognizing the week and marking a day of remembrance are important to support the transgender community in areas of the world where they are still persecuted and face violence, such as South America and Africa, but are very proud of the progress made in Canada towards tolerance and equality.

“Recognizing this week brings more inclusivity to our community, brings more awareness that there are transgender people in the community and that we’re no different. We just happen to be born different.”

Erica James, Brantford Advocacy Transgender Alliance

“Some people think we’re freaks, or some type of nightmare. We’re just human beings.”

Finn Cole, Brantford Advocacy Transgender Alliance

The National Transgender Day of Remembrance celebration in Brantford will take place Wednesday, November 20th at the Gunners Club from 7PM to 10PM.  On Sunday, November 24th, the week wraps up with a potluck and bowling party at Star Lanes.