Wilfrid Laurier Students Make Their Move

The lifting, dragging, carrying, lugging and unpacking is now complete. Close to 500 students are now calling downtown Brantford their home this school year after their move to the WLU residences took place Labour Day.

Clayton McCourt with the Department of Residence at Laurier Brantford, says upper-year students, known as the “Ice Breakers” spent the day aiding students with their boxes and bags. Those volunteers were also helping to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the newcomers at each of the 10 residences.

With move-in now complete, Orientation Week on campus begins. McCourt says, a number of sessions and events are taking place during the week to help build community, offer important academic information, meet important people, and provide general information – including tips on how to stay safe away from home.

“We survey our students that are living in residence every year and on the whole, our students feel very, very safe in downtown Brantford. We do want to make sure they know who to call if they do have any needs.”

Clayton McCourt, Department of Residence, WLU

The new students are encouraged to meet the WLU special constables during Orientation Week. A special constable is on call 24 hours a day which allows students to request an escort to and from campus or residency at any time.