Workshop on a Brantford Bus

A small, but curious group of seniors loaded a Brantford Transit bus at the Airport Community Centre recently for a short “working” tour. The occasion was National Seniors Day and a workshop organized by the Grand River Council on Aging.

The annual event is designed to provide training about the transit system. Lucy Marco, President of the Grand River Council of Aging, says the training is very useful to those who may no longer be able to drive, or be driven, but looking to get out of their home and get moving. Marco adds, during the month of October, the council is offering a variety of workshops with the theme “Let’s Get Moving”.

“Let’s get moving out of the house, let’s get moving with other people, let’s do something that’s fun and good for me.”

Lucy Marco, President, Grand River Council on Aging
The bus made stops at four locations over the two hour tour: The Brantford Library; Beckett Adult Leisure Centre; Grand River Community Health Centre; and The Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre.

As the bus made its scheduled stops, special guests boarded to provide a brief information session.

“We stop at the Grand River Community Health Centre, which is outreach to the community at large with various things that relate to living conditions. Some seniors may be living alone for the first time and need to learn how to cook for one. Maybe (due to a condition) they need to learn how to re-gain some health.”

Lucy Marco, President, Grand River Council on Aging
This is the 7th year the Grand River Council on Aging has offered the “Workshop on a Bus”.

“We stop at the Brantford Public Library and a staff member gets on and talks about all the things the library has to offer. This generation, my generation, we all went to the library and read a book. Today, libraries offer all kinds of things and even help people with technology. They also have speakers series and things of that nature.”

Lucy Marco, President, Grand River Council on Aging.

National Seniors Day is an occasion celebrating our older adults across Canada and acknowledge the life long contributions our nation’s seniors have made to families, communities and society.