Prince William is set to star in a documentary

Television For the past year, the son of King Charles III has been followed by an ITV team. The results will be broadcast in the autumn.

He has tried to raise awareness among his children.

Catherine Simoes

Homelessness in the UK has been a concern for Prince William. In 2023, launched Homewards, a five-year project that brings together a number of experts and aims to help eradicate the phenomenon. Now, the efforts of the heir to the British throne will be the subject of a two-part documentary produced by ITV.

The main objective of the Homewards programme is to build homes for people living in a situation of homelessness. Another focus is to raise awareness and help people understand the reality of this population in a situation of social vulnerability. One of the awareness-raising actions consists of the inauguration of an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London, with a set of works that aims to give a voice to those who are homeless, “inspiring optimism”.

“Last year we followed Prince William and the Royal Foundation through the first year of the Homewards programme. We heard incredibly moving stories from people across the country who are experiencing homelessness. The documentary provides a comprehensive portrait of those living in this situation in the UK.”, said the director, Leo Burley.

Prince William has expressed concern about the issue and has already revealed that he also raises awareness among his children about this social issue. “On the way to school, we discuss what we see. We see people sitting outside the markets and we talk about it on the way. I think it’s important. It’s the right thing to do: to show our children that some of us have been very lucky. We need to help those who are in a different situation to us and others need to be helped to improve their lives”, he told the BBC in June 2023.

The documentary, titled “Prince William: We Can End Homelessness”, is scheduled to premiere in the fall and will be broadcast in two parts on British channels ITV and ITV+.