Victoria Nicole will represent Portugal in Junior Eurovision: “I’m still in shock”

Television The 13-year-old won “The Voice Kids”. Thanks to her performance in the final of the RTP program, she will sing Spain.

She was the winner.

Marta Garcia

Victoria Nicole was the big winner of the 5th edition of “The Voice Kids”. The contestant from Nininho Vaz Maia’s team performed “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion in the final this Sunday, July 7th. The 13-year-old stood out among the group of finalists that included Francisco Dias (Carlão); Maria Benedita (Bárbara Tinoco) and Leonor Quinteiro (Cuca Roseta).

“There are no other words other than to say that Victoria breathes music. You don’t expect anything else when she goes on stage, we already know she’s going to be incredible — and she was. She works hard, she’s incredible and has had a great career, from the blind auditions until now, she’s performed great songs in every song she’s come to sing. She’s constantly evolving,” praised the mentor at the end of the performance. “She’s incredible, she has a great voice, she’s very confident and she performed flawlessly,” stressed Carlão.

“I’m still in shock, I still can’t believe it happened. We all deserved to win,” Victoria told NiT. With Sunday’s triumph, she earned her passport to sing at the 22nd Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2024, which will be held in Spain. “I’m going there in November, but I still don’t know what I’m going to sing. All I know is that I have to practice a lot,” she added.

So far, five countries have announced their competitors. Bjarne for Germany; Annabelle Ats for Estonia; Simone Grande for Italy; and Ana Vanchevska and Aleksej Ivanovski for North Macedonia. All participants were selected after winning a national competition in their countries. Unlike the Eurovision Song Contest for adults, this one does not have a semi-final. In other words, the competition starts and ends on the same day.

On November 16th, she will be heading to Madrid, but Victoria Nicole’s performances will not stop there. Her mentor Nininho Vaz Maia invited her and her teammate, Alícia Espírito Santo, to perform at his concert on March 15th, at the MEO Arena.

Victoria Nicole’s relationship with music began early. She remembers being on holiday with her aunt and uncle in Portugal in 2015 and listening to an ABBA album on repeat. Despite her age, she immediately began to memorise the lyrics. She didn’t know what they meant, but when she arrived in her home country, Venezuela, she realised she couldn’t stop singing. It was one of her first experiences with music.

She moved from Venezuela to Ílhavo in 2018, when she was eight years old, and continued to pursue her dream. She adapted easily to the new country and managed to quickly learn Portuguese, especially thanks to the support of her friends.

On April 21st, he took to the stage of the RTP program to present “Voilà”, by Barbara Pravi. His performance earned him a pass from Nininho Vaz Maia to go directly to the live galas.