A prequel to “Dexter,” the most famous serial killer on television, is coming

A prequel to “Dexter,” the most famous serial killer on television, is coming The production follows the serial killer’s adolescence, when his bloodthirsty impulses “can no longer be ignored”.

There is no release date yet.

Sara Lopes

In 2013, serial killer (with a peculiar sense of justice) Dexter Morgan said goodbye to fans after eight seasons, but television’s most famous serial killer returned a few years later. On November 7, 2021, “Dexter: New Blood” premiered on the North American television station Showtime and became one of the channel’s biggest hits, but did not last past the first season.

Three years later, SkyShowtime has confirmed that a prequel to “Dexter” is in the works. The production of 10 episodes was announced this Thursday, July 4. “Dexter: Original Sin” will follow the adolescence of the boy who became a serial killer.

The plot unfolds 15 years before the events of the original series. It follows the turning point of “America’s favorite serial killer” in 1991, at which point he feels that his “bloodthirsty impulses can no longer be ignored”. “Dexter must learn to channel his darkest energies”, reads the synopsis.

Guided by his father, Harry, he adopts a code created to help him find and kill people who deserve to be eliminated from society, without attracting the attention of the authorities. “This is a challenge for young Dexter who is starting an internship in forensic investigation at the Miami Police Department,” summarizes SkyShowtime.

Patrick Gibson will play the protagonist, Dexter Morgan, in the new production of the streaming service. Christian Slater will play homicide detective, Harry Morgan, the protagonist’s father. Molly Brown will play the younger sister, Debra, who died at the end of the original series.

Patrick Dempsey will be in charge of the Miami Homicide Department. The cast also includes names such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Martinez, Christina Milian, Alex Shimizu and Reno Wilson. Emmy nominee Clyde Phillips will return as showrunner and executive producer. The prequel does not yet have a premiere date.

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