Jardins do Marquês: opening hours, parking and other highlights

Music The event kicked off this Wednesday, July 3rd. There are many shows scheduled until the 10th and tickets are still on sale.

Doors open daily at 6:30 pm.

It was November 2023 when the Jardins do Marquês festival announced the first big name on this year’s lineup. Patti Smith, the iconic punk music star, was confirmed for July 7th, achieving the feat of being the only sold-out date of the event. Other confirmations of bands and national and international artists followed, who came to fill the lineup of the fourth edition of the event, which began this Wednesday, July 3rd.

In total, there will be “seven unforgettable and intimate summer nights”, which will take place until July 10th, and which will bring good music to the Quinta de Cima do Marquês de Pombal space, in Oeiras. In the enclosure, you will also find a restaurant area, with different gastronomic options and some bars available to festival-goers.

Like the previous edition, the festival will feature three to four concerts per night, divided between two stages (the main stage and the secondary stage, called Nortada), in the open air. The heavyweight lineup promises unforgettable concerts and we already know the performance times for each artist and band invited.

July 3 (Wednesday) Main stage

7:45 p.m. — The Roses

9:30 p.m. — Juan Luis Guerra

Nortada Stage

8:45 pm — Cristina Clara

July 4th (Thursday) Main stage

8pm — Jazz & Poetry Ensemble

9:45pm — Stacey Kent & Danilo Caymmi

Nortada Stage

9 pm — Joyce Candido

July 5th (Friday) Main stage

8pm — Camané and Mario Laginha

9:45 pm — Adriana Calcanhoto

Nortada Stage

9pm — Leo Middea

July 6th (Saturday) Main stage

8:30 p.m.— Tabanka Djaz

10pm — Kriol Kings: Nelson Freitas and Djodje

Nortada Stage

7:30pm — Paulinho Coelho DJ set

23 hours — Bonga B2B Beat

July 7th (Sunday) Main stage

9:00 PM — Patti Smith Quartet

Nortada Stage

7:30 pm — Joana Alegre

10:15pm — Blue & White Duet

July 9th (Tuesday) Main stage

8pm — Toquinho invites Camila Faustino

9:45 p.m. — Antonio Zambujo and Yamandu Costa

Nortada Stage

9 pm — Martim Seabra

July 10 (Wednesday) Main stage

7pm — Irma

9pm — Djavan

Nortada Stage

20 hours — The Color of Sound

Doors open daily at 6:30 p.m. With the exception of July 7th, you can still buy tickets for the remaining dates. Prices vary depending on the artists on each day, as well as the type of audience. In concerts with a seated audience, on the main stage, seats are marked (pYou can leave the place to watch the concerts at Palco Nortada and then return to the same place).

Check the venue map for each date on the venue page. Instagram of the festival. Due to the fact that it is located in a windy area, the festival, promoted by Música no Coração in collaboration with the Oeiras City Council, advises festival-goers to bring a jacket for greater comfort.

As for parking, you can leave your car in one of the designated parking lots, close to the festival grounds, as shown on the map below.