Bruno Nogueira announces the return of “A Loquat in the Ass”

Theater and exhibitions The most recent performance took place in winter 2023. The show sold out in just a few hours.

The project started in 2015.

“Winter 2024.” Bruno Nogueira’s two words were enough to leave fans of “Uma Nêspera no Cu” in ecstasy. A documentary about the stand-up show is coming, the comedian announced this Thursday, July 4th.

The video that accompanies the news reveals some behind-the-scenes images, with Nuno Markl, Filipe Melo and Bruno Nogueira himself. The production’s premiere date has not yet been revealed.

“Uma Nêspera no Cu” (A Nêspera in the Ass) started in early 2015 with a very simple format. It consisted of a game in which the three authors — Bruno, Nuno and Filipe — and a guest had to choose one of two possible scenarios presented to them by the audience and justify their choice. The challenge increased in difficulty as the segment progressed.

After a series of videos shared on YouTube, Bruno Nogueira, Nuno Markl and Filipe Melo took to the stage with the format. The first six shows sold out, with more than 20 thousand people watching live. In the winter of 2023 they announced another performance, which sold out in a few hours.

Currently, Bruno Nogueira is dedicated to his new podcast “Isso não se diz”, where he takes the opportunity to talk about various topics in a relaxed way, with many curse words in the middle. In the first episode, the presenter even called the two companions of “Uma Nêspera no Cu”, Nuno Markl and Filipe Melo.