Carolina Deslandes, Nininho, Plutonio and other free concerts this weekend

At this year’s edition of Rock In Rio, in Lisbon, Carolina Deslandes fulfilled a dream that she had had since she was 12 years old — she performed on the Palco Mundo stage on June 22. The singer of hits such as “Vai Lá” and “Saia da Carolina” has been performing at the festival, both in Portugal and Brazil, since 2018. However, she only performed on the main stage this year.

She is one of the most successful artists of the current generation of Portuguese singers and composers. She has millions of views on YouTube, with “A Vida Toda”, with over 12 million, being just one example. This Saturday (July 6th) she will give a free concert at the Festa em Honra do Imaculado Coração de Maria, in Altura, Castro Marim.

Nininho Vaz Maia has been one of the most important names on the Portuguese music scene in recent years and, for the past few months, he has also been a regular presence in our homes as one of the mentors on the new season of “The Voice Kids”. His most recent album is called “Aparente”. The album includes seven tracks: “Te Quiero”, “Metamorfose”, “Suena que suena”, “A mi manera”, “Foste Embora”, “Volta (feat. Tony Carreira)” and “Bebé”. He is also expected to perform some of his greatest hits, such as “E Agora”. You can listen to them on 6 July at AgitÁgueda.

These are just two examples of the many free concerts taking place from north to south of the country this weekend.

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David Carreira

He is one of the most influential Portuguese artists of his generation. Son of singer Tony Carreira, he has managed to establish his own name on the national and international music scene. He began his career in 2011 with the album “N.1”, which gained popularity and topped the national sales charts.

His latest work, called “9”, includes collaborations with artists such as SYRO, Soraia Ramos, Djodje, Chelsea Dinorath, Gustavo Mioto, Carol Biazin, Bluay and Juliette. The album also brought us “Coração”, a very moving track in tribute to Sara Carreira. David will perform on July 5th at Festa do Colete Encarnado, in Vila Franca de Xira.


He is one of the biggest names in Portuguese rap today. He has performed on major national stages, such as NOS Alive, Coliseu dos Recreios and Hard Club. João Ricardo Azevedo Colaço — his real name — was born in Bairro da Cruz Vermelha, in Cascais. With Mozambican ancestry, he is one of the most versatile artists in the Portuguese-speaking world.

After “Histórias da Minha Life” (2013) and “Preto e Vermelho” (2016), his third album, “Sacrifício”, from 2019, became the first exclusively digital Portuguese album to achieve a platinum award, and later reached Double Platinum. “Cafeína”, “Meu Deus”, “1 de Abril”, “Somos Iguais” and “Lisabona” are some of the artist’s key tracks. The rapper will perform on July 5th, at the SMF Youth Days Festival, in the Lourosa City Park, Santa Maria da Feira.

Nininho Vaz Maia

The artist released the first volume of “Aparente”, his new album, at the end of last year. Now, he will present it in a completely free concert that will take place on July 6th at AgitÁgueda.

On this album, the artist continues to make it clear that his music is not bound by rules. In the songs, you can find him singing in Portuguese and Spanish, combining languages ​​without prejudice, exploring concepts that have already distinguished him as a unique performer, full of personality and originality.

The CD includes seven tracks: “Te Quiero”, “Metamorfose”, “Suena que suena”, “A mi manera”, “Foste Embora”, “Volta (feat. Tony Carreira)” and “Bebé”. It is also expected to feature some of his greatest hits, such as “E Agora”.

Pedro Abrunhosa

In 2024, the artist will celebrate 30 years since the release of the album “Viagens”, which brought hits such as “Mais Perto do Céu”, “Estrada” and “Tudo O Que Eu Te Dou”. He will mark the milestone with special shows in Lisbon and Porto at the end of the year.

Before that, however, you will be able to watch a free show by the singer on July 6th at the Feira de São Pedro in Torres Vedras. In addition to performing some of the well-known tracks from “Viagens”, he will perform other hits from his discography such as “Amor de Ferro” and “Que o Amor te Salve Nesta Noite Escura”.


“Estou Aqui”, “Perdoa”, “Ficarei” or “Nesta Noite Branca” are just some of the songs by Anjos that have entered the collective musical memory. Thousands of Portuguese people know the lyrics (or part of them) by heart, as the Rosado brothers have left their mark on several generations.

In 2024, they will celebrate 25 years of career and this milestone will not only be marked with a special concert on December 28th at the MEO Arena. Before that, they will perform in several parts of the country. On July 6th, for example, they will take to the stage at the Festa do Colete Encarnado, in Vila Franca de Xira.

Carolina Deslandes

She doesn’t need much introduction, given her great success. She is one of the greatest artists of the current generation of Portuguese singers and composers, who in January 2022 sold out the Coliseums of Lisbon and Porto, having received the Golden Globe for Best Performance that same year for her concert at the Coliseu dos Recreios.

“Como é Linda” is her new single, released on May 23rd, which she describes as her first truly happy song, after the release of the double album “Caos e Calma”. The artist will perform in Altura, Castro Marim, next Saturday, July 6th, at 10 pm.


DAMA are one of the most famous bands in Portugal today. Over the course of their 10-year career, they have sold out some of the biggest venues in the country, including the MEO Arena.

In recent times they have also released several hits, namely “Casa”, with Buba Espinho and “Loucamente (feat. Los Romeros)”. Both songs have reached millions of streams.

On July 7th, Sunday, the band composed of Miguel Cristovinho, Miguel Coimbra and Francisco Pereira, better known as Kasha, will give a free show at the Mostra de Mação Fair, in Santarém.