“Crente”: Luana do Bem announces first solo stand-up comedy

Theater and exhibitions The tour will start in Viseu and will pass through other cities in the country, such as Lisbon, Leiria and Aveiro.

It starts in October.

Jessica Sousa

Luana do Bem, 33, was working in advertising when she decided to venture into the world of comedy after being fired. In 2018, she made her debut in stand-up, a decision she attributed to “lack of awareness”, she explained to “Expresso” in 2022.

“The good thing about starting comedy late is that I already knew who I was. I think that was an advantage,” he added in the same interview.

Since then, he has participated in projects such as “Levanta-te e Ri” and created web series such as “Fases da Lua” or “A Arte de Tentar”, which have thousands of views on YouTube. Now, he is about to present his first solo stand-up, entitled

The show will address “the adventures, lies and existential questions responsible for this state of affairs”. The comedian’s purpose is to persuade the audience to “follow her particular set of beliefs, in a show that may or may not be the beginning of a cult”, reads the synopsis.

The first presentation of “Crente” is scheduled for October 11th, at the Mirita Casimiro Auditorium, in Viseu, at 9:30 pm. It will also pass through Lourinhã (October 12), Aveiro (October 17), Porto (October 22 and 23), Coimbra (October 30), Lisbon (November 4 and 5) or Sines (November 21), among other cities.

He is currently part of the panel of commentators on the program “Irritações”, on SIC Radical, with José de Pina, Luís Pedro Nunes and Carla Quevedo, and moderated by Pedro Boucherie Mendes. He has also been responsible for the section “Melhor Que Nada”, on Antena 3, since 2022.

Earlier this year, he released a short stand-up comedy set, “Talvez Resulte,” after spending a year on the road with comedian Diogo Batáguas on the “Processo” tour. The 24-minute set was recorded at the Lisbon Coliseum and is available now. available on Youtube.

Tickets for the new show, “Crente”, are now available online. Prices vary depending on the room, but range from €12.50 to €14.